Chipotle is one of our best-reviewed employers. What are they doing right?

alex for kununu

Isn’t it nice when a chain you love turns out to be one of those rare companies that treats its workers well?

We crunched the numbers, and Chipotle is one of the top-five best-reviewed employers in our entire database: they average a 4.41 star rating out of five. They rated strongest on “Office/Work Environment,” with 4.61 stars, and “Company Image” with 4.52—good vibes, basically.

Last year, Business Insider ran an article called “Chipotle is making changes to become a better place to work”. The company wanted to increase retention and that led to some big changes: “Full tuition reimbursement, paid sick days and paid vacation for all workers.” That’s right, not just full-timers.

As employers, the chain also received high marks on Quora, with a popular post explaining that “Working at Chipotle is pretty great, if only for the free Chipotle.” (Despite the “if only,” the writer had virtually nothing negative to say about the job itself. And they truly love the burritos.)

Seems like Chipotle is so attractive to its workers because it… offers attractive benefits! That strategy should be obvious, but too many companies aren’t getting it, somehow. Chipotle also has a more elusive advantage: delicious burritos. Altogether, they’ve got employee satisfaction pretty much wrapped up.