6 tips for changing careers within the healthcare industry

Susanna Kahr

Once upon a time, it was expected that you would become a doctor or a nurse and remain a doctor or nurse until the end of your career. Oh how times have changed! Today, healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. and new jobs are being added almost every year. With the rise in technology, especially IT, there are now more administrative jobs than ever before, which are especially great if you don’t like people that much. There are also countless management jobs on offer. So, if you’re a trained healthcare professional that loves the industry but you want to try your hand in a different role, now might just be the best time to switch careers. Here are 6 tips to help you make the swap. 

Work out what you want 

No matter how much we enjoy our work we all have tough times that leave us wondering if the grass is greener in another department/company. Before you decide to swap careers or your employer, you need to think about what you want out of your new role. If you’re frustrated by your hours or your shift work, then you probably want to look for a role that offers more flexibility. If you’re feeling too stressed in your current role then it might be worth looking at any one of these, high-paying but less stressful jobs in healthcare. If you want the opportunity to travel then you could consider switching from being an RN to being a Travel Nurse?  And, if it’s a better salary you’re looking for, then you might want to take a list at our top ten best paying jobs in healthcare that you could transfer into. 

“The company was well known and provided work experiences for many different healthcare venues. Depending on your interest and speciality they had a job for you that fits your schedule.” – anonymous employer review at General Healthcare Resources

Do your research 

Once you’ve worked out what is important to you, you can start looking for specific jobs. When doing your research you will need to work out if you need to take any extra courses and whether your new career would involve a pay cut. We recommend taking a look at this list of the fastest growing jobs in healthcare because if you’re already working in the industry you might as well choose a new career that’s in high demand and make sure your new career is future-proof. 

Assess your current skills and experience

Whether you’re working in a clinical role and are looking to swap into a more administrative one, or vice versa, it’s important to keep a record of your achievements and experience. If you’ve been working in healthcare administration chances are you might have what it takes to get into a management role but you will have to provide evidence of relevant courses and experience in leading teams to encourage your manager. 

“I feel if the management attempts to train us properly for each and every change.” – anonymous employer review at Danbury Hospital


Networking is important throughout your career in healthcare, but especially if you’re thinking of changing careers. So, it’s important to go to as many networking events as possible. You should also find out if you know anyone who is working in the kind of career you’d like to swap into. Getting some first hand experience about what this job requires will be really useful when it comes to writing your application or making the case for your career change for your manager.  The other amazing thing about networking is that you can also find out about open positions from your contacts who can then make the right introductions for you. It’s time to get chatting and connecting! 

Consider changing from a clinical to an administrative role 

Healthcare administration is a growing sector of the healthcare industry at the moment, so it’s a great time to consider moving into a more administrative role. Why not do some research and convince your manager to give you an opportunity to step up. If you’re a registered nurse why not apply to become a charge nurse or Director of Nursing? If in doubt, take a look at why healthcare administration should be on your shortlist

“Often & regularly promotes from within whenever possible” – anonymous employer review at Methodist Hospital

Check that it’s your job and not your employer that needs to change

Finally, you should also take some time to work out if it’s really your job you want to change or whether it’s your employer that is making life hard for you as it could be that you still love your current career but would be better paid and treated by another employer. 



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