Career Happiness: The grass isn’t always greener somewhere else

Susanna Kahr

The world of work is very flexible these days. No one has the same job for 20 years anymore! Instead, we’re constantly reinventing our careers and making decisions about when and where we really want to work. But, what if our obsession with job-hopping means that we’ve forgotten how good we already have it? Here are some reasons why the grass isn’t always greener.

There’s always more

When it comes down to it, there are 3 reasons why we’re never satisfied. The first one being that our expectations of work have changed. We’re no longer only interested in the money, instead we want a job that helps us to make a difference in the world and we want to feel fulfilled and challenged. Not only that, we assume that we’ll only be happy when we’ve found the perfect job. Secondly, we have access to a world of opportunities which means we’re always wondering if we’ve really got the best job or not.

A recent study conducted by XING (one of the biggest business networks in Europe) shows that we only work with our employers for a relatively short amount of time. One in two changed their job in the past five years and more than one in ten switched jobs more than twice in the same amount of time. It seems that Generation Tinder has some issues with commitment, and not just in personal relationships. Of course, swearing life-long loyalty to a company isn’t an easy thing to do, but it’s especially difficult if you’re constantly on the look out for a better offer.

We make it too easy

Which brings us to point number three – we don’t have a realistic idea of the job market. In the age of Instagram, we’re constantly comparing our jobs to those we see splashed onto our feeds and stories. We also look at our colleagues and see what we don’t have, which makes us unhappy. So we pin our hopes on another employer hoping that they’ll fill in the gaps.

This is another reason why we normally believe that it’s worth jumping over all of the hurdles to change jobs. But that’s not always the case. Quite often, we just swap one problem with another because instead of working on the problems with our current employer, we just pack our bags and leave. This constant moving around can also prove to be detrimental to our progress, especially as we have to constantly adapt to new workplaces and styles of working.

Is it really worth it?

We’re not saying that you should bind yourself to your employer for life, especially if, just like in a bad relationship, they don’t support you and make you unhappy. We want to encourage you to find the employer that really suits you! Just, before you make your final decision to leave, really think about why you want to go somewhere else and think about what you could do to improve the situation you’re already in. Make sure it’s a move that will help you to grow and that it’s not a short-term fling that you might regret.



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