Can I Bring My Pup to Work? Proven Benefits of A Pet-friendly Office

Linda Le Phan

Are four-legged friends welcome in your weekly office meeting? No? Then your company could be missing out on key benefits that dogs offer the workplace.

Because while this may strike some as an interesting topic if they’ve never heard of the concept, there have been numerous studies about the affect of pets in the workplace, and also how most employees actually feel about pet-friendly workplaces.

In fact, data from thousands of company reviews on kununu shows that top rated companies are three times as likely to be pet-friendly than those that are not (9% of companies with a kununu rating of 4 stars or higher allow pets, while only 3% of all other companies allow pets).

The answers are indisputable: dogs add positive aspects to the office.

Here are 6 proven benefits of a pet-friendly office and how working in a place with an open (doggy) door pet policy can enhance your work-life.

Reduces stress

According to a study by Virginia Commonwealth, a pet-friendly workplace could be the lowest cost healthcare addition an organization has ever seen. The presence of dogs can decrease the heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. A short break for a furry head scratch or a quick trip outside for a potty break is sometimes all you might need to relax a bit and let go of building anxiety.

Lightens the financial strain for pet-owners 

If you own a pet yet work long hours, you often may have to resort to expensive doggy daycare or daily pet sitters that can end up costing a few hundred dollars a month. If you work in a pet-friendly office, however, that money goes back into the your pocket – which means less financial strain.

Attracts youthful team members 

A study by American Pet Products Association found that 57% of Millennial households own pets. As this segment of the population ages, recruiting and hiring them becomes more critical to a company’s well-being, especially since Boomers are beginning to retire. It’s known that Millennial workers love untraditional perks like ping pong tables in the break room and similarly, another favorite company offering is being able to bring their pets to work. A pet-friendly workplace allows organizations that may not be able to offer a huge starting salary or robust benefits package to still be relevant and competitive with younger workers.

Promotes creativity

Dogs need to go potty. While this doesn’t sound like a benefit to the workplace, it is. A study published in The Journal of Experimental Psychology claimed that creativity is increased by 60% from a walk. Employees who take their pets out for a walk in the morning and afternoon tend to have more energy and greater focus on their work than those who sit at their desks or in the break room.

Enhances employee relationships

Even team members who aren’t animal parents can benefit from stopping by a co-worker’s officer for a belly rub or a quick game of fetch. This interaction gives the you and your team members common ground that may have missed before and helps build a positive bond. Well-behaved pets in the workplace also help diffuse tense situations and foster a more productive, cohesive environment.

Lifts the mood

Who can resist a fluffy dog’s enthusiasm or sweet brown puppy eyes? Even the most rotten day is a little better with a four-legged buddy. After all, it’s difficult to be in bad humor and yell at a co-worker when his Golden Retriever meets you at the door with a tennis ball in its mouth. From the dog owner to co-workers that get to spend time with the pooch, pets are a mood lifter that benefits the entire office.


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