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alex for kununu

Finding a new job is a lot like dating.

The search often starts on the internet. Most people know what they want, but getting to the right match is daunting.

The first date? Full of uncertainty, especially when you meet online. Is he really 6’ 2’’ with a great sense of humor? Nothing’s certain until you meet face to face. In fact, one of the only things that causes more anxiety than a first date is a job interview—especially since the average American is more likely to lie during a job interview than during a date.

In reality, according to our 2016 kununu Workplace Transparency Survey conducted this month by Kelton Global, a Human Resources manager should expect to be tricked more often than someone on the dating scene.

Sadly, the deception goes both ways: nearly one in four (23%) say they have been intentionally misled during a job interview.

Suffice it to say, the workplace is in dire need of more transparency—for employees and employers. Hiring and job searching are inherently stressful, but the lack of available information makes the process far harder than it needs to be.

Our survey findings are eye-opening:

  • 86% of Americans do not know any online tools that provide honest information on employers.
  • Nearly one in four feel they did not have enough information about their employer before accepting an offer.
  • More than 50% said that, next time around, they’ll get testimonials from current employees.

At kununu, our employer review platform provides exactly that. Beyond reviews of jobs and companies, we also encourage employers to respond to workers’ concerns on their pages. Our goal is to level the playing field—and to break down the “walls” that keep people from jobs they love.

No one wants to show up to their first day of work and suddenly question their decision. Let’s eradicate the “what have I done?!” moment. Submit a review today, and see what’s really happening at the companies you’re curious about!