Better Information. Happier Workers.

alex for kununu

In our last blog post, we introduced our series on Breaking the Work Wall. We’re exploring how to remove the barriers that keep people from jobs they love. Today we’ll discuss the first big barrier: access to information.

Romantic partners. Your dream house. A new job. When it comes to important life-changing decisions, the more information, the better.

It seems like common sense to make sure you’re informed, and yet it’s shockingly commonplace to take a job while having only limited information about the company.

Why is that?

Educating yourself about employers can be surprisingly difficult, and sometimes the interview process actually makes things worse. Did you know 23% of people have been intentionally misled during an interview? All told, nearly one in four Americans feel they didn’t have enough information about their employer before accepting an offer.

To some extent, it’s understandable that companies are shy about disclosing what their workplaces are really like. No one wants bad press. But the reality is, a lack of transparency isn’t attractive to potential workers. Case in point: open communication leads to happier workers. According to Aaron Bell at Forbes, “Transparency is like glue. It holds a company together through inevitable peaks and troughs.”

That’s where we come in. At kununu, our employer review platform is full of real experience reports from workers at companies across all industries. We exist to fill the job-hunt information gap and hopefully save you any “first day surprises.”

Submit a review today: no log-in needed and you’ll be helping someone else educate themselves. And while you’re there, check out reviews of other employers in your field. It’s time to get informed.

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