15+ Funny Life & Work Memes About The Holiday Season That’ll Make You Laugh

Linda Le Phan

It’s that time of year! You know what I’m talking about… the season when things like colder weather, excessive holiday music, the inevitable end-of-year procrastination and way too much “holiday cheer” starts taking over life and work – whether you like it or not!

To help you get through the season, here are a bunch of funny work memes that are especially relatable and relevant for this year if you’ve ever experienced a holiday at work.

Or even if you haven’t! Who am I to judge?

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You know how it gets.


Where IS everyone?????


I’m over here like….


#officelife #areweinalaska #notemperaturecontrol

Not. enough. layers.



Unless it’s December, it’s TOO EARLY!!!




FACT: Break is never long enough.


It’s like every Friday, but BETTER.


Don’t know, don’t care.



If you can’t think of that guy… YOU MIGHT BE THAT GUY.


Omg, Becky!






And finally, I know the new year is just around the corner but….





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