Horrible Bosses 3: when real life bosses go bad.

alex for kununu

Today we continue our series on the best quotes from kununu reviews. Previous entry here.

Ever had a really bad boss? We’ve all been there—at least once. If you’re like us, you’ve probably wanted to tell that person exactly what you really think of them.

On the internet, of course, you can keep it real. Really real. People have said some pretty hilarious things about terrible bosses in their kununu reviews. We collected some of our favorites.

A short list of things we would’ve liked to say back to our bad boss (maybe during our annual performance review):

  • Are you serious?
  • But seriously are you serious?
  • Is this some kind of game—to see how soon I quit?
  • Are you like the bad guys in Trading Spaces or Cruel Intentions, toying with my life for FUN?
  • But really. Why are you like this.
  • Is it a hazing thing? Will I get to haze the new guy like this?
  • Honestly, there are laws in this country. Maybe read them?

What would happen if you really spoke your mind? Maybe reality would be like Office Space, and you’d be promoted for your truth-telling.

Probably not, though. IRL, you’d probably be fired.