Amazon vs. Walmart – Always low employee satisfaction?

Susanna Kahr

Whether you’re quickly grabbing something for dinner on your way home from work or ordering the balloons you forgot to buy for your party tomorrow. Hardly a day goes by without a visit to Amazon’s marketplace or a quick stop at Walmart. Of course, everyone loves these two companies for different reasons – whilst some can’t live without  the quick delivery, others flock to Amazon and Walmart for the great variety of products. But what’s really happening behind the scenes? How are employees treated at Amazon and Walmart? What kind of management styles do they experience? That’s what we would like to find out in today’s employer battle, featuring two heavyweights in the retail industry – Amazon and Walmart!

Amazon: Work hard, have fun and make history?

“It’s been fun to work with this company at times. Other times it is a little hard.” – anonymous employer review at Amazon

Almost 25 years agoJeff Bezo founded the world’s largest internet sales company – in a garage and with a starting capital of $250,000 that he got from his parents. Starting as an online bookstore, Amazon now offers almost every product you can think of and employs 300.000 people in the U.S. alone. 300.000 people is quite a challenge for anemployer, which is probably why a former production employee writes on kununu that “HR just sees them as numbers” and a current employee in San Francisco tells that the “people I interact with make the job worth it. Management doesn’t care“. It doesn’t exactly sound like a dream job, rightHowever, it seems that Amazon is living up to their slogan “work hard, have fun and make history.” Whilst employees don’t have an easy jobthere are some things people love about this employer: “They treat men and women equally. We all work together!”, “They were all so very nice and made me feel welcome on the first day and the trust is good.” Furthermore, an employee in the Logistics department tells that “if you want to move up, it’s very possible”. Others like that you can “wear clothes you are comfortable in” and that you “can work 100% from home as a customer service representative”. At Amazonyou also get paid weekly and you have an app where you can keep track of your hours and schedule. If you are short on money once – you can also request extra shifts with this app too. Soundgreat, rightReady to send in your application? Well, in that case, there is some “great and informative training” waiting for you, according to our users, as well as “some of the best benefits around.” One employee even “won a hover board” once! Apart from this, you will “find games on the campus, exercise equipment and a quiet room for your down time.” And for sure, you will need a rest as one of our users tells us, if you are a robot, the work environment is fair.”  For us this sounds like a case of work very, very hard, play hard. But is it enough for Amazon to be crowned better employer than rival Walmart? You will find out later on, but first take a look at who kununu users rate Amazon on our platform:


Walmart: Nothing more than saving money?

“Great revenue, lousy benefits.” – anonymous employer review at Walmart 

Walmart is not only the biggest employer in the world, with more than 2,2 million employees, but it’s also run by one the world’s richest families, the Walton family. And when we looked at the reviews for Walmart on our site, we can see exactly that. Working at Walmart really feels like a huge, chaotic and exhausting family dinner. One former employee in Warrenton even says, it’s like a big family.” Another employee even tells us all about his everyday life at Walmart: “A floor manager gives you a project to work on. The assistant manager says not to, and gives you something different. The store manager says not to and gives you something different than both other managers. Every day your first two hours go to waste.” Seems like the kind of argument you’d only have in your family, right?! “Management tends to be disjointed and the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.”, even writes another user. But at the end of the day, just like in every classic family dispute, everything is fine again. “The culture is great. Friendly, helpful, and upbeat.” Furthermore, “Walmart is LGBTQ+ friendly, does not hire a favorite gender, and has a rich and diverse cultural spread of employees from African American to foreign students who need a job while they’re on exchange.” Nevertheless, work seems to never end at the hypermarkets. At kununu, one employee in Billings writes that they are “always short handed and over worked.” In Betonville, another worker claims that the lazy seem to prosper and climb the ranks faster and easier than the hard working few.” Things aren’t looking good for Walmart in this fight as family disagreements have no place at work. And, some “family members” need to work on this more than others. According to our users, it really depends on where you work at the company, because normally “immediate management is good, but corporate management is the worst.” Nevertheless, Walmart manages to rate well in some aspects on our site. Check out our list, to find out who they are:


Amazon vs. Walmart: Who’s the smaller evil?

Want to make a bet? Who do you think will win? Amazon or Walmart? We’ve actually got the answer already, and we can tell you that it was really close and they were even tied at one point in time! If you look at the kununu scores awarded to the competitors over time, they are really neck and neck. In 2016 and 2017, they almost got the same score, but in 2018, Amazon decided to jump into the ring and win the battle against Walmart. With an average kununu score of 3,65 they are slightly better than their rival, who could only manage to score 3,46 points (out of 5) in the same year.



But to be honest, both companies still have some room for improvement. As one employee at Amazon says, not good but not bad.” This means that the recommendation rate at both companies is quite high, with 74% at Amazon and 65% at Walmart. But, as we are kununu and are set on transforming the working world into a better place, we want to implore Amazon and Walmart to take the reviews from your employees seriously and show them that you really care about them. Because then, your employees will also be happier, more productive and serve your clients better, right? And that would mean a win for everyone.



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