Aflac: Beyond the Duck

alex for kununu

People love the duck.

And numbers on kununu support their praise. Aflac is one of the top-ten best-reviewed employers in our database: they average a 3.46 star rating out of five. They rated strongest on “Company Image,” with 3.85 stars.

A few highlights from kununu reviewers who work for Aflac:

  • This one said “Aflac is all about helping people.. customers… and employees.” They titled their review: “Best Company I’ve ever worked for!”
  • Another said that, with Aflac, “the sky is the limit.” (Many employees work as independent salespeople, with the flexibility that that affords.)
  • One of our reviewers gave their review a delightful title: “Working for the duck.” They appreciate Aflac’s “quick commissions” and “flexibility.”

Not sure what Aflac does? They sell insurance, specifically supplemental insurance for costs not covered by your main provider. You’ve seen the commercials with their famous duck mascot; as it turns out, they also deserve recognition for their work conditions.

Aflac’s second highest-rated category on kununu is “Attitude towards older colleagues,” with 3.74 stars, a heartening rating. Tied for second place at 3.74 is “Workplace Safety,” which is good news. It’d be the bad kind of ironic for an insurance company to be unsafe.

Our reviewers are not alone in praising Aflac as an employer. Fortune magazine put them on their 2016 “100 Best Companies to Work For” list at #50, highlighting their onsite child care and flexible scheduling. A firm called Great Place to Work, which produces Fortune’s list, says 92% of Aflac employees are proud to tell people they work there. (Much more detail here, including Aflac’s inclusion on their annual “Best Workplaces for Millennials” list.)

We were happy to learn that Aflac isn’t just a slick marketer; they actually care about their employees.