Healthcare Employer of the Month January – AdventHealth!

Susanna Kahr

Every single day you spend working a job you hate, is a day wasted that you’ll never get back. In the ideal, perfect world, everyone works at a place they love, doing what they love with people they love. Who said this ideal can’t be achieved? We at kununu, say it can, which is why we are dedicated to helping people find the best place possible to work. With our series “Healthcare Employer of the Month” we will showcase the outstanding employers in the healthcare industry. Check it out, it might just help you find the workplace you’ve been looking for!

Congratulations to AdventHealth – our Healthcare Employer of the Month January

AdventHealth is a non-profit health care system headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, that operates facilities within nine states across the United States.It is the largest not-for-profit Protestant health care provider and one of the largest non-profit health systems in the country. It has 45 hospital campuses, more than 8,200 licensed beds in nine states, and serves more than five million patients every year. Here at kununu, one of the world’s largest employer rating platforms, they have a great 4.01 overall rating and a very good 88% recommendation rate. Their current and former team members alike, beam with happiness saying they love their job. “I enjoy my job and look forward to continued growth in my field of expertise,” says one reviewer. Working in healthcare can be stressful and cause tension within a team. That isn’t at all the case at AdventHealth, with one employee remarking, “I work with an excellent group of people that have my back and provide healing comfort and care to our patients.” That is a very comforting thing to hear and we are very happy to see it. Support from co-workers make work a worthwhile place. Apart from great support systems, AdventHealth does a great job offering further opportunities for their team members. One reviewer said, “There are many opportunities for growth and development.”


We had the pleasure of having a little questions and answers chat with Steven Collins, Strategic HR Specialist at AdventHealth, and here is what he had to say:


kununu: What are the unique things you’re doing to attract talent?

AdventHealth: Most recently, we’ve started to incorporate VR technology to attract talent allowing external candidates to see a glimpse of what life could be like working at an AdventHealth facility. Not only do we highlight the facility we feature activities you can do outside of work to help promote work-life balance.

At AdventHealth, we believe in opportunity for all, especially for veterans. That’s why we’ve dedicated a page on our career site encouraging veterans to search jobs by inputting their military code. We’ve also built partnerships with local and national organizations to help spread awareness of career opportunities available.

We also have a robust employee referral program that help to attract talent from within. We empower our team members to be ambassadors to help advocate our culture and our mission.

kununu: In your opinion, why would someone apply at your company?

AdventHealth To be part of something bigger. To feel a sense of purpose, a sense of belonging to a community delivering compassionate care.

kununu: Are there special perks that you offer that positively impacts your team morale?

AdventHealth: We offer an Employee Wellness Program that leads to rewards at the end of the year. This program encourages team members to stay healthy, stay active physically, mentally, emotionally and set personal goals. We also promote friendly health competitions such as Walk the Talk, webinars to relieve stress, and more. Across 130+ facilities we provide spiritual support such as devotionals, spiritual ambassador ministry and reflection areas.


Well, consider us impressed! AdventHealth is doing great things for their industry and maybe this is the family you should consider joining! Check out open positions and find your dream job with this outstanding employer.



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