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Today we conclude our series on Breaking the Work Wall. Previous entries here, here, and here.

What’s the best way to research potential employers?

If you know the industry, you probably know the company’s reputation. That’s a start. But even if you know what your peers think about a firm, how much do you really know about what happens in the workplace day-to-day?

You can always Google the company, but it’s the rare employer who is willing to air their “dirty laundry”; almost none of them will voluntarily share the experiences that real workers are having, good and bad. You can ask your friends and colleagues in your industry–but no doubt, they’re biased. Ask questions when you’re in the interview seat? Sure, but can you trust what you’re hearing is realistic? Turns out 23% of people feel like they’ve been intentionally misled in a job interview.


We conducted a big survey about transparency in the workplace. Information is so scarce, more than 50% of the respondents said that, the next time they’re looking for a job, they’ll seek out testimonials from current employees.

We think that’s a great idea–and there’s an easy way to get them fast. Spoiler alert, the best place to find those testimonials: kununu.

Our employer review platform empowers workers everywhere to share real opinions, experiences, and reports from all industries–completely anonymously. It’s the perfect place to share what’s happening behind the scenes at your employer. And it’s free for anyone to use.

Come hear what people are whispering at the company you’re applying to. And share your valuable knowledge with the community: submit a review of your own!