8 Jobs That Will Still Be Around In 3017 … probably.


With all of the talk about artificial intelligence, it’s inevitable that one day machines will take over certain jobs. Robots can mix cocktails, harvest grapes and defuse bombs, right? There are already driverless buses in the test phase and the computers in our microwaves are more advanced than the computers used in NASA’s first moon landing. And how about Alexa? Your own robot can now order dinner and then play your favorite playlist on Spotify.

But wait, does that mean we’ll all be unemployed soon as everything goes automatic? It’s hard to know for sure. However, we think the following career choices are safe…for now.

1. Parent

“Mr.Robot, Tina has taken my battery pack!” – “This is MY battery pack !” Children are complex and unpredictable beings who can’t always control their emotions. Robots, on the other hand, are not great at processing emotional outbursts.Will future parents trust their offspring to machines to teach them self control? We don’t see a future of robo-babysitters coming any time soon.

2. Clergy Member

How much can a computer’s talk inspire belief in the community? Will the Holy Spirit be available for download in the App Store in the future? And does the PC calculate rationally who will make it into the afterlife? Definitely not an idea to put much faith in.

3. Creative Head

Cast smart logos, compose summer hits, write witty articles for the kununu blog: Creative jobs  should be safe from digitization at least in the foreseeable future. For now, artists, musicians, designers and authors need a touch of humanity.vIn contrast, pure data journalists should try their hand at space thrillers or romance novels. For example, news reports on stock market prices, weather forecasts and sports scores have been evaluated and processed completely automatically by the Associated Press.

4. Lawyers

 There are already robots who can filter their data storage according to legal texts and similar cases to a causal and can make a rational judgment based on the legal process. The declared aim of the research is to help judges in their decision-making. What about lawyers? Scouring clauses and finding loopholes should be easy for artificial intelligence, right? Actually, that’s not the case.  Lawyers need to understand and, above all, interpret laws, work closely with the defendant and argue convincingly in his favor. Such complex and multi-layered tasks may still be reserved for human experts in the future. Would you like to put your freedom in the hands of a computer?

5. Cook

Good news for all those cooking lazy people who would rather starve than smear a sandwich: Moley Robotics’ kitchen robot can conjure over 100 different dishes . And afterwards he even cleans up. Do we need cooks in the future to spoil the proverbial porridge? Robots can prepare your favorite meal at the touch of a button. But will they ever completely decipher the human palate and be creative enough to create new recipes? That’s still in the stars. Apart from that, we firmly believe that love is the real secret ingredient. And that’s only possible with the human chef. ♥

6. Psychologist

Psychologists support people going through tough times and unpredictable problems. Psychologists need a lot of sensitivity and human instincts. Of course, one could fill a computer with thoughts and symptoms, and make a diagnosis. A really good psychologist but sees the entire person, including facial expressions, gestures, tone. Will we ever lie with a robot on the couch and reveal our secrets? It’s conceivable, but it’ll take a while until then.

7. Undertaker

Although the maximum attainable age for humans is currently 115 years and could be estimated in the year 2300 already at 150 . But what happens when we do actually bite the bullet? Perhaps machines will transport us at the push of a button and dispose of us in a zero-waste-friendly way. But in the year 3017 , there will likely still be still the good old Undertakers performing the burial.

8. Athlete

Even if athletes usually only have a limited time window to make it big: Replacing human athletes entirely with robots would be boring, and would somehow make the entire concept absurd. But who knows, maybe in the distant future powerful robots will fill the stadiums like an A.I. Olympics. But we could see robot referees hitting the fields not far in the future. (Hopefully this’ll lead to less arguing over calls!)