7 Career Tips for Introverts

Susanna Kahr

Does the thought of presenting in front of your team make you sweat? Do you feel sick to the stomach at the thought of asking your boss for that raise that you really need? It can be more difficult for the introverts among us to assert themselves in groups and make their voices heard, which can be a struggle in the world of work. But not anymore! Here we give you 7 tips on how to use your introverted nature into an advantage.

Show attitude

When it comes to self confidence it all starts with appearances. If you stand in a self-assured way, people are likely to take you more seriously. Slumped shoulders often make people think that you lack self-confidence, but if you pull your shoulders up too far, you’ll feel tense and anxious. Sometimes it helps to imagine that you need to stand strong to brave a storm, in this case it’s best to have stand upright and firm. You’ll soon see that with the right body language you’ll not only have an effect on how others see you, but you might also be able to fulfil some of the dreams you didn’t think you could achieve.

Be prepared

Do you find it difficult to speak up in meetings and present your ideas? Preparation is everything! Take time to prepare and really familiarize yourself with what you want to say. Concentrate on what you want to communicate and think about how best to deliver this message to your colleagues and supervisors. You might also need some extra tools. How about visualizing your idea and surprising everyone with your powerpoint skills?

Make contacts

You may think that networking is only for extroverts. And that talking about yourself at the company party is not for you anyway? No problem! You can also make great contacts at events and get to know your colleagues better. To make sure that you make your mark and don’t fade into the background, you can use two-way interactions to lead any conversations you have in a relaxed way. Since you won’t be concentrating solely on what you want to say, you’ll be able to remember your conversation partners really well too.

Convince people with your strengths

Be aware of your strengths. Are you a great listener? Use this to make yourself popular with your colleagues. Some studies also show that in certain situations, more introverted people are better suited for leadership positions than more extroverted ones. In teams that are independent, they are the more effective bosses, partly because they focus on personal growth and partly because they focus on the well-being of the team.

Be honest

Being introverted also means withdrawing from time to time. It’s really not a problem if you want to spend your lunch break alone. In the open-plan office, you can also put in your headphones and zone out. It is important to be honest about what you need and not to offend your colleagues by rejecting them.

Be present

To be present doesn’t mean that you have to raise your voice. Show your colleagues what interests you and take on tasks that play to your strengths. Record your achievements for yourself and use these to boost your self-confidence. This can help you with salary negotiations and promotions. But you can also stand out with these unusual tips and become an office superhero.

Be yourself

To be yourself, it is important that you value your own personality – and not misrepresent yourself. Be yourself! Because it can be unnatural and incredibly exhausting rying to be someone else. Our message to you: You are great just as you are.



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