6 Out-of-the Box Job Perks That Actually Exist (And Who Offers Them)

Linda Le Phan

Job seekers probably have several similar preferences on their “dream job” list. Ample vacation time, a solid retirement savings plan, and health insurance are common items that every job candidate wants to see on their offer letter.  

Even on-site child care, ping-pong tables, flexible work hours and free snacks / drinks are offered in more organizations today than even just a few years ago. In fact, among the thousands of companies recently reviewed on kununu, 25% offer flexible hours and 16% offer free snacks and drinks as a job perk. 

But what about lesser-known, more creative perks? And how are companies using these out-of-the-box offerings to woo and keep top talent?

To maximize employee satisfaction and maintain engagement, companies large and small have sprinkled traditional benefits with unique perks, and employees are loving them. Here are six out-of-the-box job perks that are offered by real-life companies.

Vehicle maintenance services

Adobe looks for creative talent to fill their roster of employees. Sometimes the workload is demanding, and the global organization takes some of the daily responsibility of vehicle upkeep off their employees’ plates. Oil changes, tire rotation, and other ongoing maintenance, the company takes care of it all. They also offer electric vehicle charging and a shuttle service when needed.

Yay Days

If you’re an outdoors-type, you’re probably very familiar with the company REI. REI has a perk called “Yay Days”, which gives employees the option to take the day off to explore. Sure, getting a day off isn’t that weird (hello, PTO). But a day off specifically for going out, having fun, and trying something new sounds pretty unique if you asked us (or what REI itself calls “paid time to go out and play”)? REI employees are given two Yay Days per year, and a reported 75% of the company’s workforce takes advantage of them.

Smart companies know the best, most productive employees enjoy a well-rounded life outside of work. Several weeks of vacation time may be the norm for executive positions, but rarely does everyone in the company enjoy more than a few weeks.

At Timberland, employees not only receive a generous vacation package, they also get 40 hours a year to use as paid time off to volunteer, which the company has offered its employees since 1992. The company’s Path of Service program, which makes this perk possible, has become a core part of their company culture. Well known tech company, Salesforce, also offers this perk to its employees – its paid-volunteer program, 1-1-1, has seen a participation rate of 82% from its 20,000 global employees.

Adoption advantages

The American workplace is required to make certain provisions for employees having a baby, but few of them currently provide assistance with adoption fees. Choosing to adopt is a costly endeavor which can be a financial burden on the family. Potential parents who are looking to adopt hopefully work at food chain company Wendy’s. Their generous benefits offer all employees up to $24,300 per adoption and six weeks of paid leave.

Unlimited vacation time

Nope, you didn’t read that wrong. Netflix believes employees should be “fully formed adults” who can choose how much time they need to get their work done. There is no set amount of vacation time for any of the company’s employee. Instead, they are measured on a results-oriented system and as long as the work is complete, the employee can take as much time off as they want. Or at least how the policy is supposed to work. Whether this workplace perk is all that it’s cracked up to be or just a mind-trick, that’s a whole different conversation. 

Student loan help

One of the most popular new perks, especially for Millennials who are saddled with tons of debt, is student loan relief. Several large businesses offer this to their employees – among all companies reviewed on kununu 17% offer “tuition reimbursement”. Aetna is a prime example of a company that puts this perk to work to help relieve the stress and financial burden student loans bring to its young workers. They offer $2000 per year for full-time employees (up to $10000 total) and $1000 per year for part-time employees (up to $5000 total) who work at least twenty hours a week. They do require that the person did obtain a degree within the last three years to be eligible.

As the economy continues to improve job seekers will lengthen their list of preferences for their perfect job. Companies will keep implementing new ways to entice A-players to sign with them over the competition.  One of these quirky job perks could very well make the difference between choosing one job over another.


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