5 tips for working productively at home

Susanna Kahr

You’ve finally done it – you’ve landed a job that allows you to work from home! Congratulations! But before you get too comfortable, there are some things you need to do to up your motivation levels. Whether you’re working at home every day, or just once in a while, being productive is key to you enjoying and being granted more time to work in your home office. Here are 5 tips to get you started!

1. Get dressed for work

You might think that you can work in your pyjamas since you’re going to be at home all day. But, a big part of motivating yourself for your workday comes from getting dressed and ready for the office. So, if you’re working from home try to get up at your usual time, have a good breakfast and dress up as if you were going to work. It doesn’t have to be a pantsuit and tie, but, at the very least, something smart enough to get you motivated for the day ahead.

2. Create an inviting workspace

Since you’re at home, it can be tempting to work from your bed, or from your sofa. Whilst this is comfortable, it might not be the best choice for your productivity. We recommend creating a desk space – either on your desk at home, or on your kitchen or dining room table. Top marks too if you can make a desk space that is separate from your living areas as you’re bound to get distracted by that pile of dishes that need washing or the laundry that needs folding – a designated “work zone” will really help.

3. Put everything that you need on your “desk”

We’ve all been there, you’re working at home and then you realize you’re thirsty or you need a pen. It’s these moments that we find ourselves wondering off in search of said items only to be distracted in other rooms in the house, effectively wasting lots of work time. In order to avoid this, we recommend getting everything ready before you start working. So take a water jug and a glass to your “desk” with you, organize your files neatly and make sure that you have all of the stationery you need etc. close to hand, just like you would in the office. The more you feel like you’re ‘at work’ the better for you, and your work assignments, trust us!

4. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

Prioritizing your assignments does wonders for your productivity. Before you start your day’s work, take a look at everything you need to do and rank your tasks in order of timeliness/importance. The key thing is to be realistic about how much you can get done in one day, especially if you’re working around things like visits from your apartment’s maintenance guy, or picking your kids up from work. Make sure to give yourself enough time to tackle all of those things that are the most time sensitive, and you can breathe easy.

5. Take breaks

Finally, make sure to take frequent breaks, just like you would at the office. If you find yourself lacking motivation, go into your kitchen and make a coffee or sit outside in your garden for a moment. Also, you could treat yourself by catching up on an episode of your favorite show during your lunch break – as long as you have your assignments in order and can resist the urge to binge-watch it for the rest of the afternoon!


Does your company allow you to work from home? Perhaps you’re a remote worker or you combine hours working from home with hours in the office. Whatever arrangement you have, we want to know! Tell us all about it in your anonymous employer review on kununu.us!


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