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5 surprisingly well paid jobs in the U.S.

Susanna Kahr

We often assume that to get the highest paid jobs we need to get an MBA, work on Wall Street or become a Hollywood star. But, there are a number of great jobs that don’t require any of these things and pay really well! So if you don’t feel like the high pressure of the banking world or the stress of show business, look no further than these 5 surprisingly well paid jobs in the U.S. Perhaps it’s time for a change of career?

Voiceover Artist

Do you enjoy telling stories, putting on accents or doing impressions? With so many types of films needing voiceover work these days, from blockbuster movies, to 30 second ad spots, to radio shows, if you enjoy playing around with your voice why not make some money with it? Voice-over artists are usually paid per job and can make anywhere from $20 to a couple hundred dollars for just an hour of work. And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, radio and television announcers made an average salary of $35,360 in 2017.

“Weekly happy hours, great location, close to public transportation, decent compensation.” – anonymus review at iHeartMedia

Crime Scene Cleaner

Although it might look exciting in the movies, this job is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Crime scene cleaners see things that the rest of society and even the most experienced detectives can’t imagine. But, if you’re looking for an odd job that pays well, this is a good one. You don’t normally need a college degree to enter this field, but you probably do need to do a course on the standards and procedures for cleaning crime scenes and disposing of hazardous materials, as set by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. But, it’s worth doing, as the top 10 percent of earners earn salaries of $75,160 each year.

Gaming Manager

Have you always dreamed of moving to Las Vegas and working in a casino? Well with this job not only do you get on the job training. You also get to plan and coordinate the games and you could net an average annual wage of $77,770! Not bad, right?! That being said, you will need to brush up on your communication and gaming skills and get a lot of experience under your belt.

“Sony pays handsomely.” – anonymus review at Sony Electronics

Personal Shopper

Do you love to shop? What if we told you that you could get paid really well, for doing what you love? Personal shoppers spend all day every day picking out beautiful outfits for their clients and helping them to spend their well-earned cash. And, as of May 21, 2019, the average annual pay for a Personal Shopper in the United States is $50,322 a year, so you could have plenty of cash of your own to spend on beautiful things.

Race Engineer

Do you have a need for speed? If you love F1 racing then you will love this job. As a race engineer, you are the go-between between the race car mechanics and the driver and are responsible for getting feedback from the driver, analyzing the data available and making decisions about the setup needed for maximum performance. With this job you can accelerate your earnings too! New graduates start at $42,000 to $50,000, and are fast-tracked to junior engineer roles, which earn more than $67,000 with just a few years’ experience. Senior race engineers can earn between $84,000 and $152,000, and promotion often leads to six-figure salaries.

“I get paid very well for only having graduated high school.” – anonymus review at Uber

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