7 powerful TED talks that’ll make you think differently about your own health

Linda Le Phan

TED talks, or video presentations from people who have “ideas worth spreading”, are a treasure trove of useful information about all sorts of subjects – from families to farming, to medicine, money, animals, creativity, data, exercise, film, food and dozens of other topics. Since we recently shared a roundup of TED talks about the future of healthcare and are constantly on the lookout for inspiring topics in health and healthcare, we thought it’d be useful to recommend a few more TED talks that are worth watching.

Check out these powerful health-related TED talks that’ll open your eyes to things like how to live longer, how to stop eating the wrong things, how to understand trauma, and the science of happiness:

“They promote a healthy team culture. They provide everything you need to perform your job successfully.” – anonymous employer review at Inland Empire Health Plan

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So did these powerful TED talks inspire you to make healthier decisions in life? Another way do that, that these talks don’t mention, is to make sure the company you’re working at cares about your health – you can check out thousands companies on kununu to see how they really treat their employees! 


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