5 high paying jobs with little stress in the healthcare industry

Susanna Kahr

Medical jobs are known for high salaries, but they’re also known for the high stress that comes along with top-dollar pay. You might not realize, however, that there are plenty of medical jobs that aren’t stressful. If you want a job you love in the medical field, but aren’t eager for a stress overload, consider these 5 high-paying, low-stress medical industry jobs.

1. Ultrasound Technician

Ultrasound technicians receive training in two years and earn average salaries over $70,000. Technicians monitor pregnancies, but they also do a lot more: diagnose abdominal pain, evaluate heart conditions, and check on organ functioning. As an ultrasound technician, you will enjoy the satisfaction of helping patients get the care they need and filling a vital role for doctors.

These positions tend to offer flexible schedules, although there may be night or weekend work required. Some technicians can advance into research or management roles. The work environment tends to be comfortable, with less of the hustle and bustle than you’ll find in other areas of the medical field. The only downside to the job is the chance for repetitive stress injuries, but this can be mitigated using ergonomic movements.

HCA Healthcare is hiring Ultrasound Technicians in Kansas City, Missouri.

2. Nutritionist

Americans’ increased interest in diet and nutrition means the dietitian and nutrition profession is poised to grow by 15 percent through 2024. If you love wellness, why not share your positive vibes with others with a job in the nutrition industry?

Dietitians require more advanced training and other requirements, like state licensing, but the nutrition title is more relaxed. You don’t need to be credentialed as a certified nutrition specialist or CNS to hang a shingle–a bachelor’s degree in a related field is enough to get started!

Nutritionists tend to feel career fulfillment because they work one on one with patients, helping improve individual health. Most nutritionists work regular Monday-Friday hours, so no overtime or weekend work. While nutritionists work within retail companies and medical facilities, many also forge their own path. Self-starters might teach classes, do a podcast, or offer distance nutrition coaching, for instance.

Assurance Health and Wellness Center is hiring Food Service Workers in Berlin, New Jersey.

3. Physical Therapy Assistant

You’ll find tons of amazing opportunities as a physical therapy assistant, because the field is set to grow by over 30 percent from now to 2024.

Physical therapy assistants work with other medical professionals to help individuals recover after an accident, surgery, or injury. In a typical day, you might teach someone how to use a walker, perform a soft-tissue massage, or demonstrate strength-building exercises. You could find work in a hospital, nursing home, home care agency, or sports center.

Physical therapy assistants earn an average of $57,750 and need only an associate’s degree to get started.

Florida Medical Clinic is hiring Physical Therapy Assistants in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

4. Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists perform teeth cleanings, check oral health, and help patients relax. It takes two years of training to become a dental hygienist, with an average salary of $75,500 per year.

Not only is the earnings potential high, but most dental hygienists work regular hours without overtime. Some enjoy part-time or flexible schedules.

Aside from the occasional child’s tantrum, dental offices are quiet and stress-free, which means you can enjoy a safe, pleasing work environment.

Pima Medical Institute is hiring Dental Hygienists in Seattle.

5. Medical Lab Technician

If you’re an introvert, then jobs serving others is actually high stress for you. In that case, you might prefer the chill lab environment of medical lab technicians.

You’ll be working in peace and quiet, performing tests on bone, blood, and tissue samples. You’re still helping people but indirectly: because of you, doctors will be able to proceed with care. More good news: technology means increased reliance on medical tests, so this is one position that isn’t threatened by new technologies but complemented by them!

All you need to get started is an associate’s degree and you could earn $52,000 per year.

HeartPlace is hiring Medical Lab Assistants in Garland, Texas.



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