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5 habits that suggest that the health sector may be the right industry for you

Hannah Reumann

You think you might be the right person for employment in the healthcare sector? Luckily, healthcare is currently the largest source of jobs in the U.S. and by the end of October 2019, employment in healthcare increased by 2.5 percent and in social assistance by 3.5 percent. [1,2] However, it is very important to find out if you and all your attributes are right for the medical field first. If you want to find out, don’t miss the following 5 typical habits stated in this article. We can make sure that after reading, you will be a step further in your career planning.

1. Working with people is your fulfillment

If you love interacting with people and cannot imagine working in an office or sitting in front of a laptop all day long, you are on the right track. Communicating with people drives and motivates you; you can cope with all kinds of emotions and nothing makes you more happy than interacting with human beings. You are an empathic person but you still know how to differentiate to the right extent, which makes you a very good listener but also a very happy and positive person. It is important that work and life are compatible. These are all the things that would make you happy and the perfect employee for your future-company.

“Nurses self schedule and it makes it very easy to balance work and life.” – anonymous employer review at Texas Health Resources

2. Charity has always been important to you

You consider yourself to be a very social person. When you were a child, sharing stories and experiences with other children was normal to you. Now as an adult, helping wherever help is needed is your first rule. If you see somebody in need or suffering, you notice before everyone else does and do not shy away from offering your assistance – like are real healthcare worker.

“Company understands the role of a social worker and utilize us for our purpose.” – anonymous employer review at DaVita

3. You can cope with people suffering

As difficult as it can be for many people, seeing people suffer elicits a different reaction. You don’t get scared by someone being hurt or being unhappy as long as you can help them do something to improve the situation. In this case, you are like superman or superwoman, as you want to bundle all of your skills for doing good. Although it might be unpleasant to see someone ill or injured, your goal is to see them smile again. There is nothing that makes you happier than seeing people get better because of your help.

4. You are able to keep a cool head even in stressful situations

Even if a situation is stressful, you can cope with it and still be the best version of yourself. Positive stress is something that motivates you and doesn’t distract you from working carefully and precisely. Not only that, you are also always ready to learn new things and you never stop developing yourself. However, as you want to be adequately paid for what you do, it of course matters to you which states pay the best salary.[3]

“I have worked for other companies and feel Sanford has the best work environment.” – anonymous employer review at Sanford Health

5. You are social, helpful, cooperative and friendly

If your friends and family would have to describe you with adjectives, they would say that you are social, helpful, cooperative and friendly. Since working in the health sector is such a special and important career, there are many other traits needed. If you can find yourself in a few of them, chances are high that you are the right person for the health sector.

“This is a faith based employer.” – anonymous employer review at Good Samaritan Society

While reading this article you felt more and more comfortable, since all of the stated habits suit you? Go and get started with the ultimate guide for your nursing career and check out our employer of the month in February. You will see that although working in the medical sector may be exhausting, there are some companies that support their employees the best they can and help them having an excellent work-life-balance. Another top information that we love providing to you is the following. Currently, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Wisconsin are among the top 5 states in the U.S. that provide the most jobs in this sector. [4] 


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