4th of July activities to do if you’re stuck at work

Linda Le Phan

Independence Day, or 4th of July as it’s more commonly referred to in the U.S., is a nationally celebrated federal holiday which means that everyone is supposed to have the day off. In reality, though, some of us do end up stuck at work anyways. Whether it’s because you work in hospitality or retail – when holidays are actually the busiest days – or because you have an important deadline or project just needs to get done, 4th of July doesn’t always = summer day off!

If you happen to be in this situation and are stuck at work on 4th of July, here are a few 4th of July activities to get in the summer holiday spirit while also staying professional!

Put on a patriotic outfit

You’d be surprised how much your outfit impacts your mood, so if you make a point to wear red, white and blue on 4th of July you’ll be way ahead of the game, patriotically speaking! And you don’t have to go way out of your way to do it either: most of us have at least one white clothing item and one blue clothing item, and though red is less common, your red item could be an accessory like a pocket square, ribbon, glasses, shoes, watch or scarf.

Listen to upbeat summer music

Nothing puts you in a mood faster than the right music, and when it comes to 4th of July it’s all about the classic summer cookout playlist. From “Summertime” by Will Smith to “Margaritaville” by Jimmy Buffer to anything by the Beach Boys, you’ll definitely be feeling like you’re celebrating 4th of July in the office if you play a few of these on your headphones or on speaker.

Take a fun picture

4th of July is all about celebrating family and freedom, so grab your favorite co-workers who are in the trenches with you at work on this holiday and take a fun group picture (with your patriotic attire on, of course). It’ll force you to smile and think positively on a day that you might be feeling pretty bitter about being at work!

Take an ice cream break

This activity is a favorite any time of year, but especially in the summertime on a day that most people get to enjoy off the clock – getting ice cream! Even better if you can find an ice cream truck or an ice cream treat that’s red, white and blue to keep up the patriotic spirit.

Make fun plans for after work

OK, so this may not help if you’re working until really late, but the act of making fun evening plans is a great activity that helps kill time and also gives you something to look forward to on that same day! Think about a patriotic dessert or a delicious savory dish that reminds you of a summer BBQ -> something that most folks who aren’t working on 4th of July would likely be enjoying.


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