15 memes that describe holiday time as a nurse

Christina Omlor

Working in Healthcare, especially as a nurse, is as much demanding as it is rewarding. Yet there are certain times when the lows outclass the perks. For example, when have to work during the best time of the year: The holidays! Actually, it’s like every other day, just with pretty lights and knowing that your family is missing you dearly. But remember, your work is very much needed, and even if it seems despairing, you do it for good reason!
Here are 15 wonderful memes, that describe Christmas in Healthcare on point.

1. Most of the time, you get an early “present”

You get to work the holiday!!!! Nursing humor. Nurse humor. Nurse funny. Registered Nurse meme. Krankenschwesterwitze, Rn Humor, Krankenschwester Probleme, Hotel Humor, Krankenschwester Zitate, Liebe Meinen Job, Krankenpflege Memes, Humor


2. While all you ever wanted was something else

3. People keep having the audacity:
“But wouldn’t you rather be at home with your family?”

Bildergebnis für no karen


4. Also, you know exactly what awaits you at work

Bildergebnis für cant you just take time off nurse meme


5.  Even if you have the day off, you are never really free

Cartoon: Nurse on vacation - About A Nurse - Nursing Cartoon Series Scherze, Lustig, Gesundheitspflege, Krankenhaus Humor, Krankenschwester Witze, Krankenschwestern, Wahrheiten, Urlaub, Arbeit

Plus, there are certain misconceptions flying around:

6.”Christmas? Must be a quiet shift for you”

Brace yourself! #nursebuff #happyholidays Gehrde, Krankenschwester Witze, Gymnastik, Bvb Borussia, Eishockey, Geburtstag, Ned Stark, Häkelhumor, Strickzitate


7.  “Don’t you miss your family?”


8. At least you get to celebrate together with your work family


9. And work your shift with your favorite people (if the odds have been in your favor)


10. Good thing is, you all manage to keep the Holiday Spirit alive

You Know You Work In A Hospital When The Christmas Decorations Look Like This


11. Even though the patients are especially annoying


12. And start complaining to the Doctor


13. You keep it all together…

Bildergebnis für super nurse meme


14. ..and  your sense of humor alive

Jingle bells. Nurses style. Nurse humor. Nursing humor. Registered nurse. RN. Nursing life. Nurses funny. Christmas nurse style. Nurses' Christmas. Jingle Bells (Nurses Style). #nurseshirts Krankenschwestern, Arzthumor, Krankenschwesterwitze, Krankenschwester Woche, Schwesternschüler, Krankenpflegeschule, Kinderkrankenpflege, Abstillen Tipps, Krankenpflege Memes


15.  But at the End of the Day, you would do it all over again



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