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15 best hospitals for teamwork in the U.S.

Susanna Kahr

As anyone who works in a hospital knows, it can be very hard work. You put in long hours, often during the night or early morning. You’re expected to look after lots of patients and often you don’t have a lot of time to spend with family and friends. But there’s one thing that makes all of this so much easier. And that’s a great team. Having a team of like-minded colleagues and understanding supervisors is something that every healthcare worker needs. They make the time pass quicker, and you know that they have your back wherever you need them. So, let’s hear it for these 15 hospitals that kununu users rate the best for teamwork! 

PlaceHospitalTeamwork ScoreAverage Score
11st Choice Home Health Services LLC4.664.66
224th Street Healthcare Associates4.554.55
3University of Utah Hospital & Clinics4.444.29
4300 Broadway Healthcare 4.44.38
5Ablegend Health - Mercy Hospital4.374.46
6Atrium Health System4.344.11
7Samaritan Health Service4.334.16
8Baptist Healthcare Systems4.334.16
9Nationwide Children's Hospital4.34.19
10BayCare Health System4.294.21
11Gundersen Lutheran Health System4.284.24
12Kettering Health Network4.264.19
13Massachusetts General Hospital4.264.26
14Parkview Health4.254.25
15Barnes Jewish Hospital4.244.25


1. 1st Choice Home Health Services LLC

1st Choice Home Health Services LLC takes first place on this list because it has an impressive kununu score of 4.66, a recommendation rate of 98% and employees really rate the teamwork here! Based in Frankfort, Illinois, this home health services agency, supported homebound patients who need specialist medical care, along with those who are physically disabled, injured, ill or elderly. Employees say the teamwork here is great and have awarded their company an impressive score of 4.66 on kununu. Employees say that their “company encourages workers to work together,” “provides me with the support I need” which means that their “experience working in the company is generally great.” If you would like to work in home health, you should find out if there’s a job opening for you, here. 

2. 24th Street Healthcare Associates LLC

24th Street Healthcare Associates LLC, now called the Desert Terrace Healthcare Center is a healthcare center based in Phoenix, AZ. It ranks number two on our list because it has a kununu score of 4.53, a recommendation rate of 97% and a teamwork score of 4.55! According to employees the teamwork here is especially great because “they have lots of respect,” 24th Street Healthcare Associates LLC “encourages us to work as a team to yield a certain goal” and one employee told us that they have “a very inclusive boss that listens to us.” If you’re based in Phoenix, Arizona, this could be the place for you. 

3. University of Utah Hospital and Clinics

As the Mountain West’s only academic health care system the University of Utah Hospital and Clinics offers both routine care and highly specialized treatment in more than 200 medical specialties, along with medical research and teaching. This health care system ranks third on our list because it has a kununu score of 4.29, a recommendation rate of 96% and a teamwork score of 4.44! According to reviews on kununu, employees really value the teamwork here as they say “the work culture is incredibly positive and welcoming”, “we all can trust each other to do an exam” and that they feel able to “work in environment where you can grow and thrive while feeling very welcomed by everyone.” Sounds perfect, right?! Why not send in an application for a job here too. 

4. 300 Broadway Healthcare, LLC

300 Broadway Healthcare, LLC now known as the New Vista Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, is based in Newark, NJ. New Vista. 300 Broadway Healthcare, LLC looks after care of elderly or sick residents and has a team of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, dieticians, social workers and recreation personnel. 300 Broadway Healthcare, LLC ranks number 4 in this list because its employees have awarded it kununu score of 4.40 and a teamwork score of 4.40. Employees have told us that the “management is very supportive of your ideas and suggestions”, “we aid each other to work well and job appraisal is always done every month end” and “I really love my place of work” which we’re sure is at least partly thanks to the great teamwork here. Healthcare workers in New Jersey, take note! 

5. Alegent Health – Mercy Hospital, Corning, Iowa

In fifth place is Alegent Health – Mercy Hospital, Corning, Iowa, now known as CHI Health Mercy Corning. This hospital provides healthcare for residents of the Adams and Taylor counties in Iowa and has 22 beds for acute inpatients, 24-hour ER and specialist care for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and more. This healthcare employer has an equally impressive kununu score of 4.46 and a teamwork score of 4.37 with employees telling us on kununu, that they feel “welcomed as part of the family”, “accepted and valued,” and “everybody is helpful.” Iowan nurses, doctors, orderlies etc. why not apply for a job here?

6. Atrium Health

Atrium Health, formerly known as the Carolinas HealthCare System, is a not for profit hospital network. The network, based in North and South Carolina, operates hospitals, freestanding emergency departments, urgent care centers, and medical practices. This healthcare system bags 6th place in our list because it has a kununu score of 4.17, a teamwork score of 4.37 and, it also features on our list of top healthcare companies for gender equality with a score of 4.53!  According to employees, Atrium Health takes teamwork especially seriously because “we aren’t micromanaged or anything, we work very well at our own stations and as a team”, “I know that I can talk to my supervisors if anything ever bothers me” meaning that ultimately, “Atrium Health is a good place to work and there is a good culture and unity among teammates.” If you’re working in healthcare in either of the Carolinas, make yourself known to Atrium Health! 

7. Samaritan Health Services

Samaritan Health Services  is a not-for-profit regional health system that serves residents in Oregon’s Benton, Lincoln and Linn counties. Employees have rated Samaritan Health Services a score of 4.16 on kununu and awarded their employer a teamwork score of 4.33! According to reviews on kununu “the management has their employees welfare at heart“, “this is a small but growing employer that really values their people” and co-workers are “supportive and friendly” resulting in “a positive work environment.” If you’re an Oregonian working in healthcare, this could be the perfect place for you! 

8. Baptist Healthcare Systems Inc. 

Baptist Healthcare Systems Inc. is headquartered in Louisville and consists of hospitals, care centers, physician offices, health facilities which serve counties in Kentucky, Illinois and Southern Indiana. Baptist Healthcare Systems Inc. also has more than 300 points of care including outpatient facilities and home care. It’s ranked 8th on our list because employees have awarded this healthcare system a kununu score of 4.06, a recommendation rate of 85% and a teamwork score of 4.33! Employees have told us here on kununu that “our facility is like a big family, we work well together and support each other”, “the other staff members are like family” and “everyone who works for any branch of Baptist is part of our family even former employees.” We think this sounds like an ideal place to work. So why not apply for a job in either Kentucky, Illinois or Southern Indiana?

9. Nationwide Childrens’ Hospital 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital is a pediatric hospital in Columbus, Ohio that has been ranked as one of America’s Best Children’s Hospitals by the US News and World Report. The hospital has more than 1,379 medical staff members and over 11,909 total employees. It has been awarded a kununu score of 4.19 and a teamwork score of 4.30. Employees say that there is a teamwork atmosphere throughout the organization” “everyone works very well together” and that they have “had great managers that I enjoyed working for.” What’s not to like about this children’s hospital in Ohio?

10. BayCare Health System

BayCare Health System is a leading not-for-profit health care system with 15 hospitals and hundreds of other locations throughout Tampa Bay and central Florida. Here at kununu it has been given an overall score of 4.13, a recommendation rate of 93% and a teamwork score of 4.22. Employees say “my co-workers are very supportive”, “we always work as a team so you never work alone on any important projects” and all employees are treated “with dignity and respect.” Sounds great, right?! If you’re not already based in Florida, it might be time to relocate!

11. Gundersen Health System

Gundersen Health System is a non-profit health network headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin that operates in 19 counties across the Midwest. Not only is this a great healthcare employer for teamwork, it’s also been featured on our list of the top ten environmentally friendly companies as it became the first U.S. health system to attain energy independence back in 2014!. Employees praise their employer for its “uplifting and encouraging” work environment, the fact that they “encourage and listen to feedback” and ultimately say that “Gundersen Health System is a great place to work and values all of its employees and treats everyone fairly and with respect.” Sounds like a dream, right?! If you’re looking for an employer that cares about its employees AND the environment, Gundersen Health is the place for you. 

12. Kettering Health Network 

Kettering Health is a not-for-profit network that consists of eight hospitals, Kettering College, and over 120 outpatient facilities serving southwest Ohio. Kettering Health Network hires nearly 12,000 employees and 2,100 physicians and employees rate their employer really highly for teamwork, awarding them a teamwork score of 4.26! The health network also has a recommendation rate of 93% and it’s easy to see why when employees tell us that it’s “one of the best places to work”, “they really care for their employees and community we serve” and “I work with an amazing group of people, we’re really like a family.” If you’re looking for a friendly and supportive healthcare employer in Ohio, this sounds perfect! 

13. Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital features in a lot of our rankings here at kununu! This hospital is one of our top ten healthcare employers to work for it’s also ranked as one of our top ten hospitals with a great company culture AND it is highly rated for teamwork too – according to employees. They’ve told us “my boss has an open door policy and he is great in asking how things are going” and that the hospital has a “very team-oriented and driven working environment,” all of which makes Massachusetts General Hospital “a great place to work, although there are 1000+ of employees, I feel valued as an important member of the team.” Think this is the employer you’ve been looking for? Find out more about working here.

14. Parkview Health

In at number 14 we have Parkview Health a not-for-profit, community-based health system serving northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio! This healthcare employer has already been featured on kununu as one of our top 9 companies with a great company culture AND as one of our top 15 companies with great management! One employee says that there’s “a true family atmosphere”, another says it’s “a great place to work we are all treated as equals and well taken care of,” and another says “my coworkers are a tight knit group and we work well together.” If you’re looking for a new healthcare job in Ohio, Parkview Health is a great choice. 

15. Barnes Jewish Hospital 

And last but not least we have Barnes-Jewish Hospital the largest hospital in Missouri. Located in the Central West End neighborhood of St. Louis, this adult teaching hospital belongs to the Washington University School of Medicine. Employees have given this hospital a teamwork score of 4.24 and have told us that they “enjoy working as a nurse for this corporation, more so than other jobs”, because “I feel valued” and that their “experience working for BJC has been nothing, but wonderful with incredible benefits and understanding management.” If you’re looking for a great healthcare employer in Missouri, this sounds like a particularly good one! Why not apply for a job there? 



Here at kununu we’re on a mission to make the world of work more transparent. So, we want to hear from you. What’s the teamwork like at your current or former employer? Is everyone friendly and constructive or is there a negative feeling? Let us know in a review on kununu and help other jobseekers find great jobs with real teamwork!