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Our 12 most popular career advice & job search blog posts of the year

Linda Le Phan

And just like that, 2017 is almost over! Can you believe it?

It was a great year for us here at kununu and we published over a HUNDRED blog posts to help you figure out your career, tackle your job search, do interviews better, and just achieve an overall better quality of (work) life.

While we’d love to go back and highlight every single one of those blog posts, we thought maybe let’s highlight the most popular ones. So for your convenience (and without further ado) here are our 12 most popular career advice and job search blog posts we published this year on the kununu workplace insights blog (the blog you’re reading right now!):

21 Most Compelling Qualities of Great Leaders

The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Best Practices For Job Seekers

WTF? 20+ Weirdest Job Interview Questions That Have Actually Been Asked

What Is Company Culture? 25 Business Leaders Share Their Own Definition

30 Experts Share The Most Common Misconceptions About Working From Home (Hint: It’s Not All Fun in PJs)

Location, Location, Location: Where Are the Happiest Workers?

4 Things Hiring Managers Wish Every Job Applicant Knew BEFORE The Interview

7 Personality Traits Hiring Managers Look For In New Hires

20 Incredibly Inspiring Lessons About Work & Life from Successful People

After Work Anxiety: Why We Get Stressed When We Get Home

The Five Rules of Employee Happiness

40+ Online Resume Tips From Hiring Experts That’ll Help You Win Your Job Search



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Linda Le Phan is the Content Marketing Manager at kununu US, a place where job seekers can get an authentic view of life at a company and where employers have a trusted platform to better engage talent. When she’s not creating content about the modern workplace, company culture, and life & work hacks, she is probably going out to get an iced coffee (even in Boston winter), raiding the snack drawer, or jamming to kununu’s Spotify playlist.