kununu 10 year birthday

10 years of kununu – happy birthday!

Moritz Kothe

This is a blog post by kununu CEO, Moritz Kothe, originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Its our 10th anniversary – how exciting – happy Birthday to us – happy Birthday kununu!!! I am both happy and incredibly honored and proud to be the one leading this amazing company today – its also an obligation for all of us to fight for our Mission. With our headquarter in Vienna and developers in Porto as well as kununu US based in Boston we have truly transitioned into a global company with amazing talent and an incredible energy. I look forward to the years ahead with this amazing crew – but lets also look back.

The History.

Mark and Martin Poreda had the bold idea back in 2007 to help job seekers to get to know their workplace before they live it. Long before peer reviews were commonplace. In a world biased towards employers, kununu sought to level the playing field by providing individuals with the kind of company information that can improve work life decisions across the world. And thus in 2007, we created the first platform of employer reviews and ratings powered by the people for the people – authentic company information at the hands of anyone who wants to know what it’s really like inside of a workplace.

In 2013 kununu was fortunate enough to be acquired by XING. This partnership allowed to accelerate growth even further. Today we are not only the original employer review platform, committed to providing the transparency in the workplace everyone deserves, but we are also the number one of its kind in Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of people are sharing their workplace insights on kununu for tens of millions of Jobseekers to make better job decisions – for them to not end up starting a new job and then on the first day realize “oh my god, what have i done”.

Not only do we allow for Jobseekers to benefit from the workplace insights insiders share with us. We also help companies on the B2B side to understand how their employer brand is being perceived vs their competitors which then helps those companies to identify what they can do even better as an employer; to not only attract but also retain the talent they’ve hired and developed.

A year ago we followed another bold idea and brought kununu to the US. We took this step to show Americans what genuine transparency looks like. Whilst there is no lack of Job Boards in the US (like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, Career Builder and now Google Jobs) that help job seekers to find the job opening they are looking for, based on location, salary, job role etc., we are yet the only platform of its kind out there that is committed to provide honest information about companies and roles before walking in on day one. Only one year in we have seen great adoption of our platform by both job seekers and companies. We are fortunate to have Monster and Randstad as local partners that help us succeeding in this market and have build a local team in Boston that makes ingenious improvements every single day.

The years ahead.

The best news for everybody: This is just the beginning. In the years ahead we will continue this path. Not only will we work towards doing what we are set out to do even better for Jobseekers and for companies, we will also take the next step to create transparency within companies. Simply finding the next job should not be the only way out for people wanting a better working life.

To everybody out there who contributed to getting kununu to what kununu is today – THANK YOU!!! and to those that will be working with us in the years ahead: ROCK’N ROLL!!!

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Moritz Kothe is CEO of kununu and Senior Vice President International for XING AG. Prior to leading kununu’s U.S. expansion, Moritz helped to grow XING AG business from a 200 million dollar market cap to the billion dollar business it is today. He currently lives with his family in Boston, Massachusetts and is not only an avid runner, but a vocal supporter of the FC Bayem soccer team. Moritz is excited to add American sports to his hobbies in a city where sports teams abound! Connect with Moritz on LinkedIn