10 things that a doctor would never say

Susanna Kahr

They save lives, treat every problem we have and are always there to listen to our complaints, however big or small. Even though doctors only want to make us better, a visit to the doctor’s is about as popular as paying taxes. But they really don’t have it easy, especially during flu season when everyone considers themselves an emergency case! And then there’s the hypochondriacs coming in at every possible opportunity asking frantically for the doctor to confirm the diagnosis that they just found on Google. Regardless of the stress they’re undoubtedly under though, there are some things that you will never hear your doctor say (we hope).

“Stay home, you little sissie!”

On the popularity scale, we’re pretty sure that workaholics rank pretty low for doctors. We all know them, the ones who constantly check their emails even on their sick bed and regularly make all of their colleagues sick by coming into the office when they’re unwell for fear of missing something important. You can just imagine the doctor saying, “no, I don’t have any magic injections for you. For heaven’s sake, just stay home!” We’re pretty sure this goes through their heads, but what else would our doctors like to say to us, but avoid for fear of losing their jobs? We’ve got some ideas. 😉



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