10 things only working moms would relate to

Linda Le Phan

The phrase working mom should literally translate to amazing person who works 24/7 without thanks.

Working while raising children is arguably the greatest ask our society has ever made of a person. You’re superhuman and need more credit for all that you do.

While we wish we here at kununu could give each and every working mom out there huge hug and a shoutout, we just can’t. Instead, we rounded up a bunch of things that we know that only working moms can relate to, which hopefully brings a smile to your face!

1. Never needing your alarm clock because you’ve been up since 5 or up every hour since 10 last night.

Alarm clock? What’s an alarm clock?

2. Panicking when someone comes to visit your house or your car without advanced notice.

There are dirty socks on the floor, a cheeseburger in the passenger door, and a sippy cup somewhere that went missing three months ago.

3. Enjoying a hot shower before the kids wake up.

…and then staying there until that glorious moment just before the hot water runs out.

4. Finding a spit-up stain on your shirt six hours into being in public.

…and then realizing it’s too late to go back home to change.

5. Hating Mondays just a little less than everyone else.

This can both ways; if you’re one of those moms who was truly meant to stay home but can’t, you might hate Monday just a little more than everybody else. But if you’re one of those moms who knows staying home full-time isn’t your cup of tea, Monday sometimes feels like a break from the hard work of the weekend at home…and it’s not that bad!

6. Looking back on your kid-free life and thinking “wow, I had so much free time!”

Nowadays, weekends aren’t for brunch and nights out – instead it’s all about quality time with the kids and catching up on housework and sleep (hah! just kidding, there’s no such thing)

7. Bracing yourself for judgment from your friends and relatives who stay at home.

“I just don’t how you do it…letting other people raise your kids like that,” or, “Really, good for you, but I just thought it was so important not to let strangers raise my kids just so I could have nicer things in life.”

8. Spending vacation days / PTO at orthodontist appointments, track meets, and other motherly obligations instead of on actual vacation.

Because being a mom means giving up a lot of your own “personal time”.

9. Secretly rolling your eyes when somebody who doesn’t have kids complains about being tired or not getting enough sleep last night.

Oh really?

10. Considering giving up your career every time your child cries at drop off, gets detention, tells you they miss you, gets sick, or has a tough time at school (like accidentally sending them to school in shorts, only to find out there’s a blizzard).

The feeling might be fleeting, but it still happens! It goes hand-in-hand with “mom guilt”.


Being a mom and maintaining a healthy, growing career isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things to do and do well!

We’re giving all you working moms all the kudos in the world – THANK YOU for raising the world’s future leaders and being great, strong role models for them while you’re at it.

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