10 things a nurse would never say

Susanna Kahr

They’re there for us when we’re feeling our worst – making vital checks, giving us our medicine and making us feel better. It’s nurses of course and we have a huge amount of respect for them. No one brightens up the whole hospital experience more than a good nurse. But, whilst they may be incredibly resilient and professional in the hospital, we bet that there are some things that they’d love to say sometimes, but that you will never hear them say.

As nurses will tell you, nursing is no easy job. Nurses have to be on hand and switched on from the moment they enter the hospital until the moment they leave. A nurse’s day usually involves rushing from one patient to the next, all whilst having to record even the smallest changes in their patients’ health and making difficult decisions. On difficult days we’re sure that they want to make some unhelpful comment and vent, just like the rest of us. If there was anything they’d like to utter under their breath, we bet it’s one of these phrases.



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