10 healthcare companies that are hiring entry level staff right now

Susanna Kahr

Whether you’re looking to switch industries or pursue your passion, healthcare is a great industry to start a career in. Not only is healthcare one of the most rewarding industries to work in, it’s also the fastest growing industry and largest employment sector in the U.S! What’s more, if you’re just starting out, healthcare companies are always hiring new talent in entry level positions. Here are 10 healthcare companies that are hiring talent just like you, right now! Good luck. 

Alameda Health System 

Alameda Health System, (formerly Alameda County Medical Center), is an integrated public health care system consisting of five hospitals and four wellness centers with over 800 beds and 1,000 physicians. Founded in 1864 as Alameda County Infirmary, Alameda is known for its work in the local East Bay communities. Kununu users really rate this company as somewhere to start your career stating that it’s a “great company, that allows you to give your opinion and provide ideas for the betterment of the company,” and they praise the “great, supportive atmosphere.” There are lots of perks included if you choose to work here too, like “plenty of vacation time, a good work environment and encouragement to peruse education offers.” What’s not to like? Get your application in for their entry level roles for Occupational Therapists, Emergency Department Technicians and Physical Therapists

Autism Learning Partners 

Autism Learning Partners (formerly Pacific Child & Family Associates) began offering services to children with Autism and other developmental disabilities, and their families in 1988. The company was an early adopter of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and quickly adopted this clinical methodology as one of its main services for children and families. Autism Learning Partners now offers treatment services in 14 states. Not only do employees get to make a difference in autistic children’s lives, employees say “ I enjoy my job as AHS offers a lot of team building, and development that help you do your job better.” One former employee also says “it is a good place to work as it helps you build your career,” making this the perfect place to start your career in healthcare, especially if you’re a Behavior Therapist, or a bilingual Spanish speaking Behavior Therapist, as they’re hiring both roles right now! So, if that’s you, go, go, go!

Bios Corporation 

Bios Corporation offers its services to people who, because of a disability or frailty, are at risk of losing meaningful relationships and positive control in their lives. It currently employs 1,000 dedicated team members who serve more than 600 people living in Oklahoma and Tennessee. If you’re looking for a caregiving role, Bios is a great place to start. One kununu user who was a program manager at Bios says “I loved the work and the ones I took care of, and you get lots of hours,” and another employee says “I work with disabled individuals, helping them with daily life skills.” The good news is that Bios is currently hiring entry level residential staff, caregivers and house managers, so get your application in, pronto!  

Centria Healthcare 

Centria Healthcare was founded in 2009 as a provider of Pediatric Nursing and Catastrophic Injury Care. One of Centria’s early pediatric patients required ABA Therapy, which led to the opening of Centria Autism. Today, Centria Autism is a leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy to children with autism in the U.S. Centria Autism employs nearly 3,500 full and part-time passionate professionals in Michigan, New Mexico and Texas. Former employees have told kununu “the company is supportive and fun to work with, as they provide many opportunities for growth and advancement,” that they arelistened to if I have a problem,” and that “this company is great for people who want to support children with Autism.” So, if you’re looking for your first caregiving role, look no further than Centria Autism’s entry level positions for Autism Caregivers, Behavior Technicians and Autism Therapists. It’s time to get your application in!

Christus Health 

Christus Health is an international Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit healthcare system with almost 350 services and facilities in 60 cities across the U.S. and Mexico. The system employs around 30,000 people and has more than 9,500 physicians on facility medical staff. And you could join them as an entry level employee, especially as former employees have told us that “Christus provides a wide range of opportunities”, “I love my job, and the company in work for” and that Christus has adiverse culture and most managers promote work-life balance.” So, why not apply to become an entry level Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant or a Physical Therapist?

HCA Healthcare 

HCA Healthcare is an American for-profit operator of health care facilities that was founded in 1968. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, HCA manages 178 hospitals and 119 freestanding surgery centers, including surgery centers, freestanding ERs, urgent care centers, and physician clinics in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Former employees say that it’s a fast paced work environment and stress levels fluctuate but the rewards are seeing your patients outcomes” and that “it’s an excellent situation as they have the transition to work from home” and “I love my job.” HCA has a number of entry level positions open right now for Medicare Service Center Manager Trainees and Patient Care Technician Apprentices CNA, which are perfect first jobs in the healthcare industry. 

Liberty Healthcare 

Liberty Healthcare is a leading health and human services management company that operates treatment programs, supports population health, and provides health workforce outsourcing. Fun fact, Liberty Healthcare was founded in Philadelphia within sight of the Liberty Bell, which inspired the company’s name and logo. Former employees tell us that “working with Liberty has been an excellent experience as the company is growing and prospering every day,” making it a “nice place to work.” What’s more, Liberty Healthcare is currently offering entry-level health and human services positions and will train! Good luck! 

Massachusetts General Hospital

Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General or MGH) was recently ranked number one in our list of top ten healthcare employers to work for as it boasts a kununu score of 4.31 and a referral rate of 92%, making it a great place to start your career in healthcare! Working here means working at the largest teaching hospital belonging to the Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. Ex employees say that it’s a very nice place to work with an excellent reputation, that they have a “great work/life balance and enjoy working with my coworkers,” and that “our workplace is a state of the art, and we are treated and paid well.” So, if you want to work at one of kununu’s top healthcare employers, check out their entry level Medical Assistant or Administrative Coordinator roles, which they’re hiring at the moment. 


Launched in 2001, Medix is a leading provider of workforce solutions for clients and candidates across the Healthcare, Scientific and Information Technology industries in the U.S. Based in Chicago, this healthcare consultancy company has branches throughout the country and the world. Kununu users who have worked here have told us, “I’ve worked for several organizations and this company truly cares about culture, purpose and values” and “I absolutely love Medix. Not only is the work challenging and rewarding, but the work culture is the best.” So, what are you waiting for? Get your application in for their entry level Preclinical Lab Technician and Medical Biller roles! 

United Health 

United Health Group Incorporated is an American for-profit managed health care company based in Minnetonka, Minnesota that offers health care products and insurance services. Fun fact, United Health is also the largest healthcare company in the world by revenue, with 2018 revenue of $226.2 billion and 115 million customers. And we’ve got some good news for you, they’re looking for young talent right now! Former employees have told us that “this is a great company to work for, I would recommend UHC to my friends and family” and that “this is a good company to work for if you are willing to work hard and give 110% every day.” If that’s you, then take a look at their open entry level Provider Configuration Technician and Associate Patient Care Coordinator roles. 

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