10+ great memes to show your favorite coworker

Susanna Kahr

Let’s be honest – everyone has a favorite coworker. You’re there for each other through thick and thin, you make difficult meetings easy and you always have a good laugh at work together. Your day just isn’t the same if his or her face doesn’t show up at work. Today you can celebrate the love you have for your colleague, as we’ve got creative and are ready to present 10 memes that you can use to make your favorite coworker smile, right now! Go on, share the love!

1. Are you desperately in need of great coworkers? Look out for them at this company.

2. There’s some scandalous gossip at this company.

3. Sometimes it’s not the coworkers who are lazy but the supervisors. Find out why, here!

4. Working alone and independently? This company wants to avoid the chaos. Is this the right decision?

5. Are you struggling to find inspiration after your favorite coworker got replaced? We’ve got some ideas to help you, in this article.

6. Want to tell the world how your job is really done at your company? Write a review on kununu here.

7. Desksharing, open-plan office or individual office? What’s the seating arrangement like in your company? Tell us in your kununu review.

8. Quitting without telling your favorite coworker? Impossible!

9. A tiny bit of office gossip is okay, but at this company it all got a bit too much.

10. In this company you can brainstorm as much as you like. Get ready to spend lots of time with your best workbuddy!

11. Last but not least: Don’t ever leave me, my work bestie!


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