10 family friendly jobs in healthcare

Susanna Kahr

When you think of working in healthcare you probably think of long, demanding shifts during antisocial hours. You probably also think that working in this high pressured industry means that you would struggle to find any kind of work-life balance and be so rushed off your feet that you have no time for your family. 

But, healthcare, just like every other industry, is working to change this image and now offers a number of flexible and work at home roles which means you could find a good work-life balance whilst working in a job that saves lives. If that’s not a win-win situation then we don’t know what is?! Check out these 10 family friendly jobs in healthcare that have offer flexibility during normal working hours. Get ready to follow your dream of working in this rewarding industry! 

Medical Assistant

First up it’s Medical Assistants. This can be an especially family friendly role if you choose to work in a smaller office or clinic as opposed to a busier hospital. This is because medical assistants generally assist physicians with a number of different administrative and clinical tasks and a smaller clinic will perform fewer procedures during the day. You can also choose to work as a home health care provider or work on an “on call” basis. To become a medical assistant, you can either receive on-the-job training or certification from a post-secondary education facility. Because the actual training is so minimal and doesn’t require much time, it’s a good entry-level position. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get into the medical field quickly, this is a great opportunity for getting started.

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Registered Nurse

There is a 22% job growth expected for registered nurses by 2026, which is hardly surprising as the RN job is really versatile. Because of this, nurses can now have a more flexible schedule or even decide to be self-employed by visiting people’s homes or private facilities. There are even a number of opportunities for registered nurses to set themselves up as consultants, trainers or as phone triage nurses, all of which mean you could work from home, or on your own schedule entirely. The average paycheck is $68,450 per year! 

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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists treat patients with physical or mental conditions that interfere with their ability to perform everyday tasks. Right now, they’re known for working around the clock. But, there are more flexible jobs available in this field too especially in smaller clinics, nursing homes, schools and home health services. In fact, around half of occupational therapists in the U.S. work in occupational therapy offices or hospitals and the other half work in schools, nursing homes, and home health services, where the hours are more flexible and family friendly. The average paycheck for Occupational Therapists was $84,270 in May 2018. So it could really pay to have such a flexible job!

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Medical Transcriptionist

This job requires you to type different audio files into databases. So if you’ve got a knack for typing, then this job could be perfect for you. As a Medical Transcriptionist you take audio recordings done by physicians or specialists about a specific patient’s need, diagnosis, a consultation visit and turn these into documents that can be referred to by the medical team looking after the patient either now or at a later date. This job can be done on a flexible schedule, especially if you work for a smaller clinic or insurance firm. You could even work from home. The pay’s not bad either as the average salary for medical transcriptionists is $34,770.

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Home Health Aide

Home health aides and personal care aide jobs are expected to grow by 36% by 2026, meaning that it’s a great time to get into this well-paid family friend job! A home health aide’s job is to assist individuals who may have physical disabilities of some kind due to age, illness, or injury. If you want to work in healthcare without the stress of long, crazy hours in a hospital, you may want to consider a job as a home health aide. You will need a high school diploma and some formal training/testing, but once you’ve completed this, you’ll be surprised how flexible this job can be. 

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Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist you can help people to recover from injuries, improve overall blood circulation and reduce stress, all whilst working for yourself, on your own schedule! To become a massage therapist you will need to undertake a massage therapy education program, there is no official Bachelor’s degree for this profession, but you should land a place on a course with a high school diploma. 

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Phlebotomists are trained to draw blood from a patient (mostly from veins) for clinical or medical testing, transfusions, donations, or research. Phlebotomy is a growing career in the healthcare industry right now! Thanks to advances in technology, our blood can be tested for all kinds of things today so if you’re a trained phlebotomist then you are definitely in demand. And because there’s such high demand, this means that you have the opportunity of having a much more flexible schedule at a healthcare clinic or hospital or you could go freelance and work for yourself meaning that this is a great family friendly job. 

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Medical Coder

Working in medical coding is great for working mums or dads or anyone looking for flexibility and stability in their job. As a medical biller and coder, it’s your job is to read patient charts to determine medical history, diagnoses and treatments. You then have to transcribe the patient’s history using a set of established medical codes so that this can be processed and used by both health care providers and insurance companies. Most medical billers and coders work for healthcare clinics or hospitals but on a flexible basis. You could also work for yourself, once you’ve gained enough experience. If you want a healthcare job that doesn’t involve working with patients and offers a great work-life balance then why not consider becoming a medical biller or coder? The average salary for medical billers and coders is $40,350! 

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Nutritionist/ Dietitian

Dietitians and nutritionists advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. Nutritionist and dietitian are experts in the field of nutrition and this knowledge is used to create all kinds of tailor-made nutrition plans for patients. It can be a tricky job to get into as you will need Bachelor’s degree and you will need to pass a competency exam, earn your credentials, and earn a license from your state of practice. But, once you’re qualified you will be able to make this job work around your schedule and choose your own hours meaning that it can be very family friendly. 

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Nursing Aide

This is another great job that gives you lots of flexibility. It’s also a job that’s in demand right now and is expected to grow by 9% by 2026! As a nursing aide, you are expected to be able to help with everything from taking a patient’s blood pressure to bringing them food. It’s your job to assist the physicians and nurses in making the patient’s stay in hospital easier. This job can be family friendly if you work out which hours you would like to work. If you want to be home during the day you could sign up for a night shift. If you’d rather be home in the evenings with your family, you could work normal day shifts. 

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