what is company culture

Linda Le Phan


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What Is Company Culture? 25 Business Leaders Share Their Own Definition

When you look at job boards and the overall hiring market today you’re likely not going to get very far before running into terms like “culture fit” and “company culture”. In fact, people are tossing the phrase “company culture” around like confetti with the assumption that everyone’s talking about the same thing. But are we? Well for one, Merriam-Webster doesn’t even have […]

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how to plan for retirement

Caroline Beaton


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What You Need to Know About Retirement Savings in Your First Job (and Every One After That)

How to make smart long-term financial decisions from Day 1. According to Wells Fargo’s 2016 millennial survey, 69% of millennials think having a retirement plan is “extremely” or “very” important – but just half actually have one. For many millennials, saving for retirement is convoluted and diluted alongside other new job logistics. But retirement savings […]

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