Fast Facts



  • kununu is the original employer review platform committed to providing the transparency in the workplace everyone deserves. We’re now in the U.S. to show what genuine transparency looks like.
  • The platform provides authentic feedback on company experiences, exploring everything from company culture to responsibilities, salary, benefits, work-life balance and office snack inventory.
  • We are the only site where all employer information is free for researchers with no login or registration constraints.
  • kununu U.S. is based in Boston, with roots in Vienna, Austria. kununu was founded by Martin and Mark Poreda in 2007 and acquired by XING AG in 2013. kununu now hosts over 1.2 million reviews for 265,000 companies in Europe. This year kununu and Monster Worldwide entered a joint venture to bring genuine transparency to a U.S. market that needs it more than ever.
  •  kununu has 80 employees worldwide, 15 of which are in Boston.


  • kununu believes that choosing an employer and hiring an employee should be decisions informed by real, dependable insights that inspire smart thinking.
  •  kununu was created for proactive people looking for their ideal employer, forward thinking companies excited about actionable feedback and insiders who want to help both sides of the equation.
  • By encouraging people to post anonymous reviews, on topics such as company culture, responsibilities, perks, and more, kununu provides a much more transparent look into all aspects of worklife.


  • kununu collects insights through its employer review and rating platform to ensure that anyone who is motivated to improve their workplace – employers and employees alike – have a chance to do that.
  • The platform’s goal is to ensure that people are never faced with a “what have I done?” moment. Each user is allowed one review per employer to create a fair and equal assessment.
  • Employers are also able to respond to comments and concerns on their pages which provides companies with insights into things they are doing well and things they could improve.

A few words from our CEO, Moritz Kothe, on workplace transparency and why it’s important. Get video clips or go to